"The only composition camera app in the world!"

Wise Camera will improve your photography forever!


Wise Camera overlays different artistic composition rules in the iPhone camera view. Wise Camera allows you to visualize and apply composition rules while you are taking photos! Wise Camera guides you to make beautiful photos by showing you how to align your scene's subjects and elements with composition rules. These composition rules have been used by artists for centuries and now are available to you easily and instantly with the Wise Camera app. 

We have spent years studying artistic composition rules, and we are so happy to bring this new Wise Camera app to you. Check out Wise Camera app screenshot examples.



"Make your photos' composition perfect!"

Wise Photos is the first step of photography post-processing.


Wise Photos overlays artistic composition rules on your own photos stored in the Apple Photos app. You can align the elements in a photo's scene with multiple composition rules that have been used by artists for centuries. For each composition rule, you'll find helpful tips, guides, and examples.


Wise Photos guides you to make your photos beautiful!



"The most beautiful and realistic camera app!"

Taking cues from classic camera designs like Leica and Fujifilm, and vintage cameras like Canon and Nikon, we have created DIGIX brand camera app, model number AMR1. The AMR1 is fully-manual. You can control the focus, shutter speed, ISO, and steps, change lenses, understand aperture, and more. You can also use the AMR1 fully automatic while learning how the camera configures its parameters on the fly.

Email me when the AMR1 app is available



"Essential Photography Utilities"

This app bundle is great for PRO photographers who use the Apple Photos app to manage photos taken with the iPhone, iPad, and other digital cameras like the iPhone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, GoPro, and many more. We have included four extensions: EXIF metadata, Histogram, Watermark, and Resize. The extensions provide EXIF metadata, GPS Location in a map, Tonality, RGB Channels, and Luminosity Histograms, and the ability to watermark and resize photos, and much more, all from inside the Apple Photos app.

Photo Extension EXIF
Photo Extension Histogram
Photo Extension Watermark
Photo Extension Resize


"Photo Utilities for teachers and students"


This app bundle is great for photography teachers and students who want to learn more about photography. The extensions work inside the Apple Photos app with the photos on your iPhone or iPad. The extensions work with photos taken with cameras from the iPhone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, GoPro, FujiFilm and many more.  We have included four extensions: Composition, Histogram, Info, and Banner. The Composition extension teaches you photography composition rules, Histogram how to work with light, Info to understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, and more, and Banner to share basic photography information with others.

Photo Extensions Composition
Photo Extension Histogram
Photo Extension Info
Photo Extension Banner


ZendLove app

The ZendLove app lets you share love and kindness with family and friends. Select an illustrated card that expresses how you feel, then write a message to make it personally yours like Thank you, I love you, or I miss you. Share the illustrated cards with your message via Apple iMessage, WhatsApp, Texting, Email, Facebook Messenger, and more. Share ZendLove cards instantly, for as long as you want, to as many people as you want, using your iPhone and the ZendLove app.


All of our illustrated cards are carefully commissioned from artists who have been selected for their unique styles and backgrounds from around the world. Our artist community is important to us, you can get to know the artists by exploring their illustrations and bios in the ZendLove app.




Wise Photos App is our newest project.





DIGIX AMR1 is our new app


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