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What is Composition in Photography?

Artistic composition refers to how your subject and other elements of the scene are arranged. Composition is core to your photo — it is your photo’s story. Composition rules are guidelines for arranging the subjects and elements in the scene to coordinate with how our eyes and brains work to understand what is beauty. The thrill of composition is identifying how the additional elements in the scene can support your main subject to create a beautiful photo that tells a story.

Subject and Elements

There are infinite possibilities for photo subjects. Your subject could be the peak of a mountain, a fishing boat landed on the edge of a beach, a flower in a vase, or a loved one. Additional elements in the scene can support your main subject, for example, a river in the foreground that supports the mountain peak, the curvature of the beach shore that supports the fishing boat, or a table and window that support the flower in the vase or the loved one. 

Guiding Lines

The Wise Camera app and the Wise Photos app display composition rules visually as red guiding lines on the screen for aligning the subject and elements of the scene. Each composition rule will guide you in the optimal positioning of the subject and elements in the scene using the red guiding lines. 

Align the Scene

When using the Wise Camera app and Wise Photos app, you will see the red guiding lines for the selected composition rule superimposed on the scene. The next step is to align the subject and supporting elements of the scene with the guiding lines per the instructions for the selected rule.

Community Photo Gallery

The community photo gallery is a great place to find the artistic composition rules applied in photography. The gallery has many examples from the community of the Wise Camera and Wise Photos apps users. You can find the community photo gallery here.

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