We have released the DIGIX AMR1 app, the most beautiful and realistic camera app!

by Aldo R. on January 2021

After one and a half years in the making, we have released the DIGIX AMR1 app. We are so excited and cannot wait until you get to use it. The DIGIX AMR1 camera has been designed to be beautiful and realistic. We followed classic film SLR camera designs from the past and newer DSLR cameras to create a masterpiece of design and function worth owning. 


Like a professional DSLR camera, with the DIGIX AMR1 camera, you have full control of the camera focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, changing lenses, and much more. You can also use the camera in automatic mode for quick and easy photo taking. 


The DIGIX AMR1 camera can be a great learning tool to understand the relationships between focal length, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. It can also be a great tool to get the amazing visual effects that professionals create using DSLR cameras.

To get the DIGIX AMR1 app in the Apple App Store, click here.



Sending ZendLove digital greeting cards is good for the environment!

by Aldo R. on December 2020

Did you know that sending a traditional, 10-gram paper greeting card releases about 140 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere? This is due to the process of manufacturing, printing, delivery, and decomposition. Sending one ZendLove card via text releases about 0.014 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2). Amazing! To download the latest version of ZendLove, click here.


Melvin, J. (2015, November 26). What's the carbon footprint of an email? Phys.org. https://phys.org/news/2015-11-carbon-footprint-email.html

Download ZendLove from the Apple App Store

New ZendLove in the Apple App Store with holidays cards for 2020

by Aldo R. on December 2020

We have a new ZendLove app in the Apple App Store with tons of updates. We have added new holiday and birthday card themes by talented artists from around the world. Now you can share any card for free, up to 3 cards per month, and with the new Premium subscription, you will have unlimited access to share any card. You can get the Premium subscription month by month or get an entire year and save. If you have purchased a card set in the past, you will have access to all the cards for free, thank you for your previous support! We have updated the app for iOS 14. To download the latest version of ZendLove, click here.


Download ZendLove from the Apple App Store

New holiday cards for this holidays season 2020

by Aldo R. on November 2020

The ZendLove app is a great way to share holiday cheer with beautiful artisan-made greeting cards. We are working with amazing artists from Spain, Sri Lanka, and other countries to illustrate timeless holiday love in new card sets 2020. I cannot wait to see their final illustrations and share them with you. To download the latest version of ZendLove, click here.


Download ZendLove from the Apple App Store

iOS 14 and the Wise Photos app

by Aldo R. on July 2020

Apple released iOS 14 on June 21. We have learned that some users are experiencing crashes in the Wise Photos app on the new iOS 14. This issue has been extremely difficult to fix. Because we have been unable to fix the crash, we have decided to rewrite the Wise Photos app from the ground up using iOS 14 technologies. 

This rewrite will take some time, and I want to thank our current users who are experiencing the crash for their patience. I will keep you informed of our progress with the rewrite. 

The rewrite of the Wise Photos app for iOS 14 will bring many benefits, including instant loading of large Apple Photos libraries, regardless of the number of photos, zooming in and out within the photo gallery, and searching your photos.


You asked for the Dynamic Symmetry composition rule

by Aldo R. on April 2020

We heard your requests for this composition rule, and we are working on it.


Wise Camera’s new Dynamic Symmetry rule is designed to promote flow, rhythm, and balance within your photos. Our grid uses 6 diagonal and reciprocal lines to help you convey motion and build action and 4 parallel lines to provide places for the viewer to rest.


Dynamic Symmetry is well suited to street photography, as it helps you find interesting subjects and colors along dominant diagonals that lead the viewer’s eye around the frame while keeping the piece balanced.

I hope you will like this new composition rule. We will have it ready soon for free in Wise Camera and Wise Photos.



Today I got the sweetest note from a user

by Aldo R. on September 2019

Today I got the sweetest note from one of our Photo Extension PRO bundle app users, and I wanted to share it with you.

"Hi Aldo,

I just bought the Photo Extension Pro bundle, and I'd like to thank you for developing those apps. I was really desperate for the missing features of Apple Photos, PS express, ACDsee and many more apps I bought to support my workflow with iPad. None of them provide the simple, yet fundamental features your great apps do - within Photos!

Again, thanks so much


Thank you so much to you Giancarlo, your testimonial means the world to us.



Happy Photography day!

by Aldo R. on August 2019

Happy Photography day! Today August 19, 2019, is World Photography day! Thank you for using Wise Camera, Wise Photos, the Photo Extension EXIF, Info, Histogram, Banner, and all other apps. You can get all Digiguys photography apps at the Apple App Store, check here.


Wise Camera and Wise Photos together in a bundle

by Aldo R. on June 2019

Great photographs start with mindful composition. Thank you for supporting the Wise Camera and Wise Photos apps. I have put both apps in an Apple App Bundle, and getting them together is cheaper for you. If you already have one, you’ll get the same savings by completing the bundle.

To get the Wise Camera and Wise Photos bundle, click here.


Great photographs start with mindful composition.

Wise Camera and Wise Photos apps bundle

Happy Holidays!

by Aldo R. on December 2018

Happy Holidays! Give the gift of learning photography composition this year! 🎄🎁📲 


To get the Wise Camera and Wise Photos bundle, click here


Wise Camera and Wise Photos apps for the Holidays

Break all the rules!

by Aldo R. on November 2018

Because sometimes you must "Break all the rules." We added a break all the rules option for you to practice taking photos without the composition guidance, and to quickly get back to see any composition rule. We added this new feature to both Wise Camera and Wise Photos. To get the Wise Camera and Wise Photos bundle, click here


We put a lot of work on testing our apps

by Aldo R. on October 2018

We test Wise Camera and Wise Photos in different iPhone models and iOS versions to ensure our apps work and feel right to any user. To get the Wise Camera and Wise Photos bundle, click here


New feature for Wise Camera and Wise Photos: Composition guides

by Aldo R. on August 2018

Now you can go directly from the camera view to the composition rule guides by tapping the "More..." link. This will make it easy for you to quickly access a more detailed guide with visual examples and instructions. To get the Wise Camera and Wise Photos bundle, click here


Fibonacci Spiral Golden Triangles Composition rule details.png
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