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ZendLove adds new Fine Art greeting cards

We have added a Fine Art greeting cards category to the ZendLove app. This is just the beginning of carefully curated fine art cards for you to share with your loved ones. What artist you would like to see? Let us know here.

Enjoy them!


ZendLove Fine Art greeting cards
ZendLove Fine Art greeting cards

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Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759–1840)

Pierre-Joseph Redouté (French pronunciation: ​[pjɛʁ ʒozɛf ʁədute], 10 July 1759 – 19 June 1840), was a painter and botanist from Belgium, known for his watercolours of roses, lilies and other flowers at Malmaison, many of which were published as large, color stipple engravings. He was nicknamed "the Raphael of flowers" and has been called the greatest botanical illustrator of all time. More about Pierre-Joseph Redouté here.

Ohara Koson (小原 古邨, Kanazawa 1877 – Tokyo 1945)

Ohara Koson was famous as a master of kachō-e (bird-and-flower) designs. Throughout a prolific career, in which he created around 500 prints, he went by three different titles: Ohara Hōson (小原豊邨), Ohara Shōson (小原祥邨) and Ohara Koson. More about Ohara Koson here.


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