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Your favorite photos on your iPhone Home Screen!

Collage Frame is like having a collage picture frame on your iPhone Home Screen! Create photo collages with your favorite photos of your loved ones. Mix and match photos on a small, medium, or large widget. By combining widgets, you can have up to 11 photos on one home screen. Your iPhone Home Screen will always have your cherished photos on it. Collage Frame provides easy-to-follow step-by-step video tutorials, so it's easy to create and display your photo collages quickly.

Display photo collages of your favorite photos on the iPhone Home Screen with the Collage Frame app.

iPhone 67 Screen 1_0.5x.png

By combining photo collage widgets, you can have up to 11 photos on one Home Screen.

iPhone 67 Screen 2_0.5x.png

You can customize your iPhone Home Screens by mixing and matching collage widget sizes.

iPhone 67 Screen 3_0.5x.png

Collage Frame how-to videos!

What are iOS Widgets?

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How do I create photo collages in the Collage Frame Widget app?