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Send Artist Made Beautiful Greeting Cards

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ZendLove lets you share love with artistic digital greeting cards made by talented artists from around the world. ZendLove has unique cards that show your style for any special occasion. Select a beautiful card, then write a message to make it personally yours and share it with loved ones. Share your personalized ZendLove cards instantly via Apple iMessage, WhatsApp, Texting, Email, Facebook Messenger, and more. Using ZendLove cards is good for the environment, with minimal carbon footprint compared with traditional paper greeting cards - no waste, no stamps, and no trips to the mailbox.

We have commissioned artists from around the world to craft beautiful greeting cards made with watercolor, paper, ink, color pencil, acrylics, digital, and more. Our artist community is important to us, and you can get to know the artists by exploring their cards and profiles in the ZendLove app.

Learn all about the making of the ZendLove app in our blog post here.

To get the FREE ZendLove app in the Apple App Store, click here.

ZendLove Valentine's Day

ZendLove Valentine's Day

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Download ZendLove from the Apple App Store

★★★★★ How Great is this! In the world of business, to have access to personalized cards is a true delight. (H. Nick)
★★★★★ Great app! Beautiful cards, easy to use. 💓(MotivatedLinSF)

★★★★★ The cards will make your loved ones think you are the best (eagles16159)


Q: Can I use ZendLove for FREE?
A: Yes, you can share any of our unique cards. As a free user, you can share up to 3 cards for free each month.


Q: I love the ZendLove app. How can I become a Premium subscriber?
A: Thank you for supporting ZendLove. With the Premium subscription, you will have unlimited access. To become a Premium subscriber, just tap the subscribe button in the navigation or tap the options icon in the top left corner and select Subscribe to Premium.


Q: How does the Premium subscription work?
A: When you are a Premium subscriber, you will have unlimited access to share as many cards as you want from any artist. You can get a yearly subscription at considerable savings or subscribe monthly, both subscriptions will renew automatically. You can cancel at any time. Apple takes care of the subscription process.


Q: How can I add a message to a card?
A: Tap on the card you like, then tap in the message box and start writing your message.


Q: Can the message text style be changed?
A: We have carefully selected a text font, size, color, and message area to match the illustration perfectly.


Q: Can I learn more about the artists?
A: Yes, to view the artist's profile, tap on the artist's photo or the artist icon in the top right corner.


Q: Can I share cards via Skype or WhatsApp?
A: Yes, we recommend saving the card in your Apple Photos app camera roll and then sharing it.


Q: I purchased card sets in the past, and now ZendLove is a subscription app. What happens to the cards I purchased?
A: Since you already purchased a card set, we are giving you free unlimited access to all cards for you to share. You will not need a Premium subscription to use ZendLove. Thank you so much for your previous support.


Q: Can I suggest artists and styles that I would like to see in ZendLove?
A: Yes! Please leave a message here.

Q: I'm an artist, and I would like to be part of the ZendLove community of artists.
A: Wonderful! Please leave a message here.

Q: Can I get support?
A: Yes, feel free to ask any questions here.
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