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Photo Utilities for teachers and students

This app bundle is great for photography teachers and students who want to learn more about photography. The extensions work inside the Apple Photos app with the photos on your iPhone or iPad. The extensions work with photos taken with cameras from the iPhone, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, GoPro, FujiFilm, and many more.  We have included four extensions: Composition, Histogram, Info, and Banner. The Composition extension teaches you photography composition rules, Histogram how to work with light, Info to understand aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length, and more, and Banner to share basic photography information with others. To get the Photo Extension Education Bundle in the Apple App Store, click here.

Photo Extension Banner
Photo Extension Info
Photo Extension Info
Photo Extension Histogram

The Photo Extensions EDUCATION app bundle has the following apps and features.

Photo Extension Composition:

  • Supports most photo apps Action button.

  • Works on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Available from Action Extension or Edit Extension.

  • Guides you to tell a story with your photography.

  • Overlays over 10 composition rules over your photos.

  • Provides an explanation of each composition rule.

  • Provides advice on how to apply the rule.

  • Save photo with an overlay of the composition rule.


Photo Extension Histogram:

  • Available from Action Extension or Edit Extension.

  • Shows Tonality Histogram.

  • Shows RGB Channel Histogram.

  • Shows Luminosity Histogram.

  • Provides advice about dark, light, and mid-tones.

  • Provides advice about high and low contrast.

  • Explain each histogram in plain English for everyone to understand.


Photo Extension Info:

  • LCD-like screen quick view mode and comprehensive mode.

  • Visual guide (diagram) for F-Number.

  • Visual guide (diagram) for Exposure.

  • Visual guide (diagram) for ISO.

  • Visual guide (diagram) for Focal Length and 35mm equivalent.

  • Shows image file information like file name, size, image size, and more.

  • Shows camera information like make, model, lens model, and more.

  • Shows EXIF metadata like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and more.

  • Shows GPS metadata like latitude, longitude, address, link to Apple maps.

  • Shows the photo's dominant colors, which you can copy/paste.

  • Allows you to copy/paste the basic photo metadata.


Photo Extension Info:

  • Supports most photo apps Action button.

  • Make a copy of the original photo.

  • Add a banner at the bottom of any photo with essential photo information.

  • The banner displays EXIF, Camera Make/Model, Lens, Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Focal Length, Flash, size, image size, and more.

  • Space to add copyright or other messages.

  • Works on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Available from Action Extension or Edit Extension.

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