"The only composition camera app in the world!"

Wise Camera app Fibonacci Spiral
Wise Camera app Golden Triangle
Wise Camera app Composition Rules

Wise Camera will improve your photography forever! Great photographs start with mindful composition.


Wise Camera overlays different artistic composition rules in the iPhone camera view. Wise Camera allows you to visualize and apply composition rules while you are taking photos! Wise Camera guides you to make beautiful photos by showing you how to align your scene's subjects and elements with composition rules. These composition rules have been used by artists for centuries and now are available to you easily and instantly with the Wise Camera app. 

We have spent years studying artistic composition rules, and we are so happy to bring this new Wise Camera app to you. You can find a list of all the artistic composition rules here.

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Very impressed.

This is exactly what I was looking for, composition overlays when I’m taking pictures. But this app had way more than I was expecting. Great explanations for usage (with good grammar), diagrams, ability to save picture with and without the composition overlay to see how you did. It really is a wonderful application. Very happy with it.

Weeman_1 (2018)