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Take truly beautiful photos!

Wise Camera app Golden Triangle
Wise Camera app Fibonacci Spiral
Wise Camera app Composition Rules

Wise Camera will improve your photography forever!


Wise Camera overlays 14 artistic composition rules in the iPhone camera view. Photography composition is the first step to taking amazing photos. Wise Camera guides you to take beautiful photos by showing you how to align your scene's subjects and elements with composition rules. Artistic composition rules have been used by artists for centuries and now are available to you easily and instantly with the Wise Camera app. 

The Digiguys Apps team has spent years studying artistic composition rules, and we are so happy to bring this new Wise Camera app to you. You can find a list of all the artistic composition rules here.

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Download Wise Camera from the Apple App Store

★★★★★ Very impressed. This app had way more than I was expecting (Weeman_1)
★★★★★ Helpful for beginners or professionals (Dre9827639)

★★★★★ Can’t find a better composition aid for landscape and travel photography (khl.anthony)

Our community photo gallery

Check out photos from our community of users from around the world in the photo gallery here.

Photography composition rules are an art and a science. You can read an insightful article about artistic composition history, art, and science, and how Wise Camera can help you to make beautiful photos here.


Wise Camera includes 14 artistic composition rules.

Rule of Thirds photography composition rule

Rule of Thirds

Golden Triangles photography composition rule

Golden Triangles

Leading Lines photography composition rule

Leading Lines

Symmetry photography composition rule


Vanishing Point photography composition rule

Vanishing Point

Lines and Patterns photography composition rule

Lines and Patterns

Phi Grid photography composition rule

Phi Grid

Framing Depth photography composition rule

Framing Depth

Fill the Frame photography composition rule

Fill the Frame

Fibonacci Spiral photography composition rule

Fibonacci Spiral

Landspace Depth photography composition rule

Landscape Depth

Negative Space photography composition rule

Negative Space


Left to Right

Dynamic Symmetry photography composition rule

Dynamic Symmetry

You can learn more about each composition rule here and find photo examples from the community in the photo gallery here.

To get the FREE Wise Camera app in the Apple App Store, click here.

Artistic Compositions Digital 3.png

This amazing Wise Artistic Compositions Poster is great for artists, photographers, painters, and art teachers. You can print the poster in any size you want, and the poster goes perfectly in offices, art studios, photo studios, and classrooms!

The poster includes the 14 artistic composition rules found in the Wise Camera app and the Wise Photos app, plus a QR code to get specific information for each artistic composition. 


You will be taken to the Etsy shop 



Q: Is the Wise Camera app FREE?
A: The Wise Camera app is a freemium app. You get to use the first 2 composition rules for free. This means that you can take photos with the free artistic composition rules.

Q: How can I use all the artistic composition rules?
A: You can purchase the Composition Rule Package, which will give you access to all 14 composition rules. You only need to purchase the package once, and you will own them forever with no subscription needed.

Q: How can I purchase the Composition Rule Package?
A: You can tap the Options button (the circle with three dots) at the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap Get Composition Rule Package.

Q: Where can I see example photos with the artistic composition rules applied?
A: We have a community photo gallery where you can see beautiful photos using the artistic composition rules. Check them out here.

Q: Do I need a credit card?
A: No, the purchase will be processed by Apple via your iTunes account.

Q: I purchased Wise Camera in the past. Do I have to purchase the Composition Rule Package?
A: No, since you purchased Wise Camera in the past, you will have access to all 14 composition rules. You MUST do a "Restore Purchases" from the Options menu.

Q: I would like to apply artistic compositions to photos in my Photo library. Do you have an app for this?
A: Yes, we have the Wise Photos app, which will let you apply artistic composition to photos in your Apple Photo app library. You can download it here.

Q: What is the difference between the Wise Camera app and the Wise Photos app?
A: With the Wise Camera app, you can apply artistic compositions in real-time while taking photos. You can see the artistic compositions overlay in the camera viewfinder. With the Wise Photos app, you apply artistic compositions to photos you already have taken and are in your Apple Photos app, including photos of sketches, sculptures, and interior designs, to mention a few. 

Q: As an artist painter, should I get the Wise Camera app or the Wise Photos app?

A: It depends. If the artist uses photography as a reference, then the artist can use the Wise Camera app to apply the artistic composition when capturing photos of the scenes that will be later painted. If the artist is underdrawing or underpainting (sketching or drawing) before starting to paint, the Wise Photos app will help the painter explore different artistic compositions. 

Q: Can I get support?
A: Yes, feel free to ask any questions here.
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