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Thank you for checking out my Apple iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad.



I love making apps, and I love photography. My latest app, Wise Camera, is a perfect example of how much I love both.


I started making photography apps in 2015 when I created the Photo Extension EXIF app, an extension for the Apple Photos app that extended that app's capabilities. The app was so well received that I made an entire suite of extensions for the Apple Photos app, including an Education and Professional bundles. Fast forward to now, I have over ten apps in the Apple App Store.



I put a lot of care into each app, and I put myself into the user's point of view and ask myself this question, "How can the app truly help users and provide them value?" What I really mean by value is "practical value," as I'm a practical guy. To me, practical value means the app can help the user to improve something, to learn something new, or to practice something that matters to them. This is what practical value means to me, and I hope to you, too.



Making apps is the ultimate creative outlet for me. I get to use all parts of my brain, strategic, creative, design, coding, techie, and an eye for quality. All of this going into making "the app" is really exciting!


Feel free to contact me with any questions aldo@digiguys.com.

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Wise Photos App is our newest project.





DIGIX AMR1 is our new app


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