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All our artistic composition rules in one place

Wise Camera and Wise Photos artistic composition rules
Wise Camera and Wise Photos artistic composition rules

Artistic composition refers to how your subject and other elements of the scene are arranged. Composition is core to your photo — it is your photo’s story. Composition rules are guidelines for arranging the subjects and elements in the scene to coordinate with how our eyes and brains work to understand what is beauty. The thrill of composition is identifying how the additional elements in the scene can support your main subject to create a beautiful photo that tells a story.

You can access all the artistic composition rules on your iPhone from the Wise Camera app for real-time photography composition. On your iPhone or iPad, the Wise Photos app allows you to apply artistic composition rules to photos already taken with your iPhone or even with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Download the Wise Camera app here and the Wise Photos app here.

This article here compiles all of our composition rules in a single place for you to review and study them.

For a more in-depth study of each artistic composition rule, visit our Artistic Photo website here.


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