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New ZendLove holiday greeting cards for 2021

We have new beautiful holiday greeting cards from Francisca Sousa called Memories. The holiday card set represents the love between daughter, mother, and grandmother. Francisca is from Portugal, where she studied art and architecture. Learn more about Francisca in the ZendLove app.

Francisco's ZendLove holiday cards

1. Select one of Francisca's beautiful holiday cards

Francisco's ZendLove holiday cards

2. Type a lovely message to your loved one, then tap the blue Share button

3. In your message app, add your loved one to the "To:" field and send

4. Your loved one will receive the card instantly!

Share love and kindness with the ZendLove app. You can get the ZendLove app for FREE at the Apple App Store here.

ZendLove in the Apple App Store


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