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How an Artist Uses the Wise Photos App

Brenda Boylan

From realistic scenes of rural landscapes to impressionistic images depicting people in cafes, artist Brenda Boylan’s stunning paintings and pastels are all based on excellent composition. Brenda uses the Wise Photos app to align her artwork with an appealing composition layout. When preparing artwork for an exhibition, Brenda relies on our app to turn her work into masterpieces.

After learning that Brenda used the Wise Photos app as a basis for her beautiful paintings, we asked her a few questions about the process, so we could let other artists know about the benefits of this approach. Here’s the response…

Where did you discover the Wise Photos app?

An artist friend of mine, Michele Bryne, gave a presentation on how she uses dynamic symmetry in her painting process. I was so impressed with this ‘new’ method of designing a work of art that I searched the Internet and found a flood of information. I had never heard of dynamic symmetry, phi, or the Fibonacci spiral! How did my art education overlook such a vault of information? I questioned if there was perhaps a shortcut for using it on my iPhone for quick design ideas. I then queried the app store for dynamic symmetry and found your Wise Photos app. For curiosity, I also queried the Fibonacci spiral, and once again, your app came up. I downloaded it and found it so invaluable that I went ahead and made the small purchase so that I could enjoy all of its functions. It is now one of the most frequently used tools in my studio.

Wise Photos app Dynamic Symmetry using in painting

How does composition help you tell the story in your paintings?

I have a degree in Applied Art and Design but often depend on an intuitive approach to designing my art. Composition is the backbone of every work of art… or at least it should be! So as I go about my day, I see shapes and colors, stories and ideas, not ‘things.’ I have always thought that any good work of art should have a focal point and a few supporting ‘actors.’ My story becomes clearer when I can direct the eye subliminally with the contrast of values, details, and complementary colors. A strong composition leads the eye through a painting so it can support the focus of the idea, subject, or message.

How do you balance artistic freedom with principles like composition?

I look at it this way: Artistic principles are the supportive base or structure of a strong work of art. Once the principle of composition is in place, and a color theme, mood, and story are chosen, the playfulness of painting can be released. I compare it to the rhythm in music that supports a dancer’s moves.

Which is your favorite Wise Photos artistic composition rule?

I really love working with the Dynamic Symmetry design because the lines create several cross points where I can choose to place a focus. I repeatedly return to that rule again and again. I like how I can simply line up the flow of shapes and decide which intersecting lines would be the most interesting place to paint an exciting focal point or supporting idea. The app allows me to incorporate the importance of design while enjoying the freedom to create.

Brenda’s detailed and colorful pieces of art reveal the richness and depth of her talent. The Wise Photos app is instrumental in providing the basis of conventional composition, saving her much time and minimizing the cost of materials. When the outline of her composition is in place, she can relax and loosen her creative expression, which allows her artwork to shine. Brenda says, “I LOVE this app!” And you will too.

You can read more about using the Wise Photos app for painting here.

You can see Brenda Boylan’s impressive artwork at


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