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Using the Wise Photos app with my professional camera

Many times I want to apply artistic composition rules to photos that I've already taken with my professional Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera. It is easy to use the Wise Photos app with photos taken with other cameras, regardless of the camera brand and model that you have. The first step is to transfer the photos from your camera to the Apple Photos App Library. You have several options to transfer them to your iPhone or iPad, including a cable or your camera maker's mobile app. Here I will be using my iPad Pro with a USB-C cable, but you can also use an iPhone or iPad with a Lightning cable, and any necessary adapters.

After downloading the photos to my Apple Photos App Library, my first post processing step is to use the Wise Photos app to apply the perfect artistic composition to my photos. Then I might do more post processing activities with other professional photo editing software.

Transfer photos from your camera to your iPhone or iPad

For transferring photos to the iPhone and iPad, you will see an example using an iPad with the USB-C connector below. If you have an iPad with a Lightning connector or an iPhone, you will need a Lightning cable and appropriate adapter. Make sure you have the Apple Photos app open to start transferring photos. No matter what method you use, you can always use the Wise Photos app to apply the perfect composition to your photos.

Transfer photos directly using the USB-C cable to your camera

My Fujifilm camera has a USB-C connector as does my iPad Pro, so it's easy to connect them together. For an iPhone, you would need a Lightning connector on one end and whatever connector your camera has at the other end.

USB-C to USB-C Cable

Transfer photos using the Apple Dongle with a USB Type-A connector

If your camera cable has a USB Type A connector, you can use an adaptor with USB Type A on one end and USB-C or Lightning on the other end, depending on your device.

Apple USB-C to USB Adapter

Transfer photos using the Apple SD Card reader

You can also transfer your photos by removing the SD card from your camera and inserting it into an SD Card Reader that will connect to your device.

USB-C to SD Card Reader

Transfer photos wirelessly using the camera's mobile app on your iPhone or iPad

Using the camera's mobile app can be slower than using a cable, but it is a simple way to download photos to your iPhone or iPad without a cable when you're on the go.


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