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Improve your photography and painting with Wise Artistic Compositions Poster

The Artistic Composition Poster

I made this Wise Artistic Compositions poster for you to download and print. This poster will help you familiarize yourself even more with artistic compositions. Great for artists, photographers, painters, and teachers. You can print the poster in any size you want, and the poster goes perfectly in offices, art studios, photo studios, and classrooms!

The poster includes the artistic composition rules found in the Wise Camera app and the Wise Photos app, plus a QR code to get specific information for each artistic composition.

1. Rule of Thirds

2. Symmetry

3. Phi Grid

4. Fibonacci Spiral

5. Golden Triangles

6. Vanishing Point

7. Framing Depth

8. Landscape Depth

9. Leading Lines

10. Lines and Patterns

11. Fill the Frame

12. Negative Space

13. Left to Right

15. Dynamic Symmetry (preferred by artists and painters)

16. Dynamic Symmetry Full (preferred by artists and painters)

You can also get framed posters from 12" x 16" to 20" x 27". The frames are lightweight, can be hung without nails, and stick straight to your wall. The frames are made with a self-adhesive foam board that can be removed and re-mounted without damaging your walls.

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