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The Left to Right rule introduces direction and movement to your photos and adds a level of mystery to an image. A subject on the left side of the composition looking or moving to the right side of the frame makes the viewer wonder what the subject is seeing or moving towards. The viewer will be curious about what has caught the subject’s attention, and this will incorporate a storytelling aspect to the photo. The Left to Right composition can be used for portraits, street photography, or action shots.

To apply this rule, position your subject on the left, looking or moving in the direction of the arrows and with more space in front of the subject than behind.

NOTE: For cultures that read from right to left, tap the screen to reverse the direction of the arrows.


This icon represented the composition rule on the Wise Camera app and Wise Photos app

Wise Camera app icon.png
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★★★★★ Very impressed. This app had way more than I was expecting (Weeman_1)
★★★★★ Helpful for beginners or professionals (Dre9827639)

★★★★★ Can’t find a better composition aid for landscape and travel photography (khl.anthony)

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