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You can use a Vanishing Point in your photos to emphasize the distance of a landscape, the height of buildings or trees, or the depth of a canyon. When the Vanishing Point is inside the frame, the perspective is more dramatic. When it is outside the frame, the lines become more parallel and the effect is less dramatic. Zoom out to increase the perceived scale or zoom to reduce the effect.

To apply this rule, identify the converging lines in your scene and align them with the red guiding lines.

Tap the screen to move the vanishing point.


This icon represented the composition rule on the Wise Camera app and Wise Photos app

Wise Camera app icon.png
Download Wise Camera from the Apple App Store

★★★★★ Very impressed. This app had way more than I was expecting (Weeman_1)
★★★★★ Helpful for beginners or professionals (Dre9827639)

★★★★★ Can’t find a better composition aid for landscape and travel photography (khl.anthony)

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