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Filling the frame with your subject adds impact to your photos by removing unnecessary clutter from the background. At first, you may have to fight the urge to include every part of your subject, but it is okay, and sometimes optimal, to cut off parts of your subject. For example, getting in really close and just shooting a person’s face gives a dramatic effect. The larger subject in the photo increases its detail, which can reveal the character of the subject, highlight patterns, and encourage the viewer’s curiosity.

Remember the other composition rules when filling the frame. You can apply Rule of Thirds, Phi Grid, Golden Triangles, and others to organize the remaining elements of your subject in the scene. 

To apply this rule, get close to your subject by walking or zooming in until your subject completely fills or expands out of the frame. As you move in, be mindful of your subject and the elements you are removing. Remove elements that don’t add to the story you want to tell. As an experiment, after you’ve composed and taken the photo, take another step or two towards your subject, compose another photo, and compare the impact of each. Tap the screen to move the guiding lines.


This icon represented the composition rule on the Wise Camera app and Wise Photos app

Wise Camera app icon.png
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★★★★★ Very impressed. This app had way more than I was expecting (Weeman_1)
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★★★★★ Can’t find a better composition aid for landscape and travel photography (khl.anthony)

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