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👋 Hi


Can you help me select the next new feature for DIGIX AMR1?


I would like to know which feature from the three below you would really really want. You will get any new features for FREE when you purchase the DIGIX AMR1 app here.


Thank you so much for your help! 🙏

Select 👍 if you really really want it.

Select 👌 if you like it.

Select 👎 if you do not care about it.

Add a new lens with 2X Zoom


The zoom will be 2X digital, so there is minimal loss of quality

Basic photography color filters

Color correcting filters (Yellow, Red, Warm), Natural Density, Graduated neutral density, multi-point star sparkles, etc.)


Film Simulations 


Film simulation provides texture and color signature of old 35mm film

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Thanks for help!

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