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Thank you for getting my apps for your iPhone and iPad!

I love to make Apple iPhone and iPad apps. One of my favorite apps is ZendLove and it's a perfect example of my love for making apps. ZendLove lets you share love with artistic digital greeting cards made by talented artists from around the world. ZendLove has unique cards that show your style for any special occasion. I got to collaborate with tens of artists to create beautifully designed greeting cards. Personalizing and sharing ZendLove greeting cards is as easy as sending a text.

I also like photography a lot and most of my apps are photography focused. I made the Wise Camera app and Wise Photos app to guide you to make beautiful photos by applying artistic composition rules to your photos. Both apps are easy to use, yet powerful, including all the features, guidance, and examples to deliver an amazing experience to you.

I started making photography apps in 2015 when I created the Photo Extension EXIF app, an extension for the Apple Photos app that extended that app's capabilities. The app was so well received that I made an entire suite of extensions for the Apple Photos app, including Education and Professional bundles. Fast forward to now, I have over ten apps in the Apple App Store.

I put a lot of care into each app, but I cannot make the apps alone. I partner and collaborate with users, designers, and engineers to make the apps a reality. When making an app, I have to ask myself how that app can provide unique value to users not already found in the Apple App Store. A lot of research is needed to learn, understand, and figure out the best user experience and technology approach. Constantly collaborating, prototyping, iterating, getting feedback, and trying again is how I make amazing apps for you.

I think making apps is the ultimate creative process. Research, user experience, design, coding, logic, technology, collaboration, relationship with users, and much more goes into making "the app" and it is really exciting!

I would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at

You can find all my apps in the Apple App Store, click here.

Thank you and enjoy my apps,



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