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Wise Photos new update ⚠️

If you have purchased the Wise Photos app or the Composition Rules Package in the past, and you reinstall the app, you will need to "Restore Purchases" from the Options menu. You must restore previous purchases on a device using the same Apple ID used with the previous purchase. 


How to use the Wise Camera and Wise Photos apps if you are color blind

The Wise Camera and Wise Photos apps display the artistic composition rules with red color lines. This can be an issue for color-blind people. You can set your iPhone accessibility features to change the composition rules red color lines to a more appropriate color for you.


To use the iPhone accessibility features for color-blindness, go to Settings → Accessibility → Display & Text Size → Color Filters → Turn on Color Filters and select the appropriate options and intensity.

Color Blind Screen 2.png
Color Blind Screen 3.png
Color Blind Screen 4.png
Color Blind Screen 5.png
Color Blind Screen 6.png

How to use the  Wise Photos app for artistic composition in paintings

The Wise Photos app can also be used by painters and artists, not just photographers. If you're a painter in any medium like acrylic, watercolor, pastels, oil, or ink. You can use the Wise Photos app to apply artistic compositions to your paintings or drawings. Read more about how to use the Wise Photos app for painting here.

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